E-gift card :the magic of giving!

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The e-card gift popeline & linonis the opportunity to make the most beautiful gift: the one that allows to offer happiness ... because everyone can use it to give himself exactly the PDF pattern, pattern pocket or the perfect baby sewing box for a baby gift! It is sometimes tricky to choose the birth gift for a baby, a gift for a child or simply to offer the dressing room of your dressmaker friend! With an e-card gift, we offer you the choice! It's your attention that will be appreciated for sure!

Offer a gift popeline & linone-card in just a few clicks. The e-card will be sent directly by e-mail to your recipient. You will be able to choose the amount of the card, your personalized message and the day of delivery.

Your e-card giftpopeline & linon, with a period of validity without expiration date (you can use it whenever you want).


How does it work?

I offer an e-card

  1. I choose the amount of the e-card gift
  2. I enter the e-mail address of the recipient of the e-card gift
  3. I identify myself
  4. I personalize my message
  5. I may choose the day of the delivery of the e-card gift

I use an e-card

  1. I consult the balance of my e-card gift by clicking on "account" and then on "my gift card balance".
  2. I use my e-card gift on the sitepopeline & linon. When I place my order, I enter the number of my gift e-card received
  3. The amount of my purchases is deducted from the balance of my e-card gift.



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